A Modern Touch With Glass Railings

Glass railings are suitable for inside or outside, residential or commercial use. This application is a desired choice for a contemporary or modern design. Glass railings give an unimpeded view while providing safety.  If privacy is of concern you can get the glass panels frosted. They also give a clean and simple look while being functional.  

Glass railing is a great option if you have children as it does not allow for them to get caught in between the spindles nor does it allow them to climb over easily.  Tempered glass panel do not shatter even when cracked, so they are safe and sturdy.  

They can also help to block the wind if used in an exterior setting.  Glass railings look great inside on stairs or exterior balconies, you can even use glass railings around your pool!  Glass railings are basically maintenance free with the exception of some minor cleaning for smudges.  Powder coated aluminum with glass panels do not corrode when exposed to outside elements.   

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