Cable Rails… Stylish & Functional

Cable Rails are sleek and help you enjoy your view; they are attractive and a look that is almost invisible.  Cable Rails are often stainless steel cables and powder coated aluminum frames if exterior or stainless steel frames if interior use.  Cable Rails are a great investment for homeowners, they will help improve the value of the home and will catch the potential buyers interest.  These types or rails hold up extremely well in harsh weather, offer flexibility, and can last decades of use!!!  Cable Railings are supportive and sturdy, can withstand heavy weight without breaking; because of this they are great for children!  The spacing can be made to 3-4″ apart so that there is minimal chance for injury or accidents.  These railings have a lean texture and a non-bulky look, but an elegant feel; they will look more spacious and open adding value to your home.  Not only are cable rails strong, sturdy and attractive; cable rails are extremely low maintenance as well!!  They need very little cleaning as the stainless lines will not take to finger prints the way some other options do.  Cable rails… so sassy and sensible!!!  Contact Superior Spiral Stairs and let us help custom design a railing to fit your decor and needs!