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Did you know that by adding stair climbing to your workout routine can improve your fitness and strength faster.  There are many benefits to stair climbing:

“Stair Climbing Benefits

Walking can yield significant benefits such as improved sleep, improved mood and stronger benefits, and taking the stairs has further benefits beyond these:

  • Burn more calories – According to MyFitnessPal, walking up stairs burns 500 calories in 55 minutes, compared to 134 minutes for a brisk walk (for a person weighing 150lbs). Therefore adding a few staircases into your walk can cut down the time you need to exercise for.
  • Strength – Climbing stairs puts additional strain on your muscles in order to lift your weight up on to each successive step. This is particularly beneficial on your quads and glutes.
  • Improves cardio and core – Raising your heart rate by taking the stairs is a great cardio workout which will improve your general fitness.  The balance and stability required to get up the stairs, especially once you are tired also helps to strengthen your core.”                                                                                                                                                                           -500 Cal Team @