We Put the Awww in Awnings

Outdoor awnings do more than just add to your home’s curb appeal; they also function to alter your interior light levels and temperatures.

When choosing an awning material, aluminum far outweighs fabric for five main reasons.

1) Low maintenance

If you are already overwhelmed with yard work and the outside maintenance of your home, you will be happy to hear that aluminum awnings require very little to no maintenance.  Unlike with fabric awnings, there is no need to power wash aluminum awnings to clean off accumulated dirt and mold.  A simple hose spraying is all that is needed.

2) Durability and Functionality

Aluminum can withstand all elements, including wind, sun, rain, and snow.  They are built to last!  Since they are built into your home, there is no need to take them down during a storm.  If fact, they serve to protect your windows and windowsills while providing shade.  The storm protection these awnings provide is an extra bonus.

3) Energy Efficiency

When being strategic with the placement of aluminum awnings, you can help absorb the sunlight and prevent it from beaming into your home.  This reduces the costs associated with cooling your home.  Did you know what in areas where aluminum awnings are located, the air can be 20% cooler than the rest of your home?

4) Flexibility with Design

This is where the fun comes in!  Aluminum awnings are available in a large variety of styles, colors, and sizes.  No matter what the style of your home is, there is an awning that will compliment and add to your home’s aesthetics!

5) Affordability

Since aluminum awnings are built to last, you will not need to replace them for up to 20 years.  When compared to metal, aluminum awnings are more affordable.  The cost effectiveness along with the other benefits of aluminum awnings is often what wins homeowners over.

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