Widow’s Walk With a Modern Twist!

Widow’s Walks, also sometimes referred to as Crow’s Nests, are platforms nestled in the high gables of roofs on the seaside. They are railed platforms typically built on a roof to provide an unimpeded view of the sea. Though they vary in size, ornamentation and functionality depend on their place in history. Widow’s Walks first emerged from the vague mists of folklore. They were used as observation desks for wives to watch the horizon awaiting their spouses coming home from sea. Although many men never returned, giving the name “Widow’s Walk.”

Superior Spiral Stairs often receives requests to design and fabricate Widow’s Walks for homeowners either on their rooftop, or above a lanai or dock. Here is a more modern twist we had the pleasure to create! This beauty features one of our welded aluminum spiral stair cases and a beautiful aluminum rail with custom mounting plates in dark bronze!

Please contact us with any of your railing or stair needs and let us help fabricate the design of your dreams! 

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